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Pea & Broad Bean Salad with Pesto Fetta


Pea & Broad Bean Salad with Pesto Fetta

key ingredient!

High Valley Fetta - Basil Pesto


250g Mesclun or One Whole Red Oak Lettuce
1 cup Fresh or Frozen peas - Lightly Steamed
1 cup Broad beans - Lightly steamed
1 jar High Valley Fetta - Basil Pesto
1 Small Lebanese Cucumber - Diced
1 Large Pinch of Chopped Fresh Mint (optional)
1 Avocado - Diced (optional)


This is a salad that we make often and the ingredients vary a little depending on what extra we have in the garden or crisper. Celery, Shallots, Toasted Pine Nuts and Spanish Onion all make great additions, along with your favourite chopped herbs. Below is the basic mix from which you can do as you please at your place!

Wash and drain the Mesclun or Red Oak Lettuce and Chopped Herbs in a large colander.

Lightly steam the Peas and Broad Beans.

Add to the Lettuce mix and rinse to cool.

Transfer all of the above to your serving bowl.

Add the Diced Cucumber (and any additional ingredients you have chosen), and mix.

Drizzle with a slug of the oil from the Basil Pesto Fetta jar, and mix through to coat the leaves.

Break up the Basil Pesto Fetta (we used about one third of a 300g jar in the shown serving) and scatter across the top of the salad.